Ohio’s Republican Senate majority is working hard every day to make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family. That begins with getting government spending under control and putting our economy back on track. Here is a look at some of our recent accomplishments:

Creating a positive climate for economic growth and job creation. The most recent state budget makes Ohio more competitive by reducing taxes $2.7 billion, which is the largest tax cut of any state in 2013. Included are a 10% income tax cut for all Ohioans and a 50% cut for small businesses on their first $250,000 of income.

Helping Ohioans learn new trades. The key to job growth is ensuring Ohioans have the skills needed for cutting-edge jobs. Without raising taxes or increasing spending, Senate Republicans created an innovative, new job training fund to help students and working adults offset the costs of learning a new trade.

Improving Ohio’s highways. Senate Republicans crafted a transportation plan for Ohio that is expected to create up to 65,000 jobs and update many of the state’s busiest roads. New support for the Ohio Turnpike ensures it remains a quality asset for northern Ohioans and the commerce that flows through the region.

Calling for a balanced federal budget. Ohio has its fiscal house in order, but the federal government’s out-of-control spending makes it difficult for state economies like Ohio’s to recover. That is why Senate Republicans have renewed the call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring a balanced budget.

Streamlining Medicaid. The cost of Ohio’s Medicaid program has grown at a very fast rate in recent years. Senate Republicans set a long-term policy path that will slow the growth and put new focus on quality health outcomes to keep Medicaid viable for Ohioans for years to come.

Investing in student achievement. Senate Republicans increased public education funding by nearly three quarters of a billion dollars, the largest increase in more than a decade. We are also making funding for colleges and universities contingent on their ability to graduate students rather than simply enroll students.

Shielding children from harm’s way. After courts said Ohio’s laws protecting children from child predators were too vague, Senate Republicans crafted strong, new language to give law enforcement the legal tools they need to protect our precious children from danger.

Caring for the most vulnerable among us. Ohio ranks near the bottom of all 50 states for infant mortality. Senate Republicans are working with public health officials to raise public awareness and seek solutions to give our newborns a healthier and safer start to life.

Improving voter access to the polls. Voting is an important civic duty for all Ohioans. Coming on the heels of bipartisan recommendations from elections officials, Senate Republicans have passed bills streamlining election administration and making elections more fair, consistent, and transparent.