130th General Assembly Agenda

Supporting job creation. Good jobs are essential for communities to grow and families to thrive. They offer the stability and hope Ohioans need to make better lives for themselves, and that’s why Senate Republicans are committed to providing job creators the tools they need to sustain and grow the workforce here in Ohio.

Empowering Ohioans. Senate Republicans want a strong system for workforce training and skills development to give Ohioans the tools they need to empower themselves. By streamlining Ohio’s workforce programs and making sure they’re responsive to employers’ needs, Ohioans can receive the best possible service at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers.

Maintaining a balanced budget. In the last several years, Republicans brought Ohio back from the brink of unprecedented debt and have since restored the state’s finances. Maintaining a balanced budget and surplus into the future will ensure stable government services and show to employers that Ohio is open for business.

Lowering taxes for all Ohioans. Senate Republicans crafted a $2.7 billion income tax cut for all Ohioans in 2013 and cut small businesses’ income taxes in half up to a certain dollar amount. We will continue to find ways to modernize Ohio’s tax code to remain competitive and lessen the burden on job creators and working families. We believe you should keep more of your hard-earned money and have the freedom to do with it what you want.

Strengthening Ohio schools. Strong schools and good education are essential for any child to grow up with a chance at a productive life and meaningful work. After passing the largest increase in education funding in a decade (nearly three quarters of a billion dollars), Senate Republicans remain committed to preparing our kids for the future. Essential to that is school safety. We want our young minds to be able to focus on their schoolwork and not have to worry about anything else.

Streamlining government. Senate Republicans will build on recent successes streamlining state government and eliminating red tape interfering with private businesses. We believe government should work harder and do more with less. Only then can Ohio’s businesses and families keep more of their hard-earned money.

Improving elections. In recent months, Senate Republicans have enacted common sense reforms that make Ohio’s elections fairer, more consistent, and more transparent. Many of those reforms came at the recommendation of bipartisan panels of election officials. We will continue to listen to what our state’s elections experts have to say so that no matter whether you live in the smallest county or the largest, there will be a consistent standard for voting that protects against fraud and improves accessibility.