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"Our committee exists to recruit and elect conservative leadership to the Ohio Senate. We've held the majority for more than three decades. It's our responsibility to maintain that legacy."   - Matt Huffman, Chairman

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What is RSCC?

From its headquarters in Columbus, the Republican Senate Campaign Committee manages an unparalleled full-time, year-round operation that oversees all aspects of a successful legislative campaign effort, from candidate recruitment and data modeling to voter persuasion and turnout strategies.

Republicans took majority control of the state senate in 1984, amid the landslide re-election of President Ronald Reagan (who carried 49 states that year) and the rising unpopularity of Ohio’s Democrat-dominated legislature.  The previous year, Senate Democrats voted to approve a 90 percent tax increase to offset a massive shortfall in the state’s poorly managed budget. Voters revolted and handed the Senate majority to Republicans, who have not lost it since.

Through changes in political control of the Governor’s office and the Ohio House of Representatives over the decades, the Ohio Senate has remained a Republican firewall to a liberal agenda that wants desperately to move Ohio in the wrong direction.

More about RSCC

The members of the Senate Republican Caucus determine success not by how many bills we pass, but by how much we improve the lives of the people of Ohio. Our goal is to help each Ohioan secure the opportunity to obtain their God-given potential, and this drives our policy priorities.

Reducing the Tax Burden:

In addition to preserving across-the-board tax cuts for every Ohio taxpayer,…

Enabling Job Creation:

Senate Republicans believe government doesn’t create private sector jobs, but it…

Combating Drug Abuse:

Nowhere has the nation’s emerging opiate drug crisis hit harder than…

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