Streamlining Government:

Senate Republicans passed a budget that reduces government overhead by cutting administrative costs for state agencies across the board by an average of three to four percent – or more in some cases – generating approximately $20 million in savings. The Senate cut its own budget by six percent. On top of that, the governor’s administration worked with the Senate to identify other targeted agency cuts to specific programs that either had excess or unspent funds.  In each of those cases, the Senate worked with the agencies to identify savings that are least harmful to public services.  That effort saved more than $100 million. The Senate eliminated tens of millions of dollars in earmarks; took roughly $85 million from programs in the last budget that had excess or unspent funds and by not renewing some of those programs in the new budget; worked with the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections to identify about $20 million in savings; and worked with Medicaid to identify more than $200 million in reductions, while ensuring the reliable continuation of services for Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens.

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